Virgon flag

The Vigon Flag.

Virgon is one of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. Virgon is the last of the three planets in the Trojan orbit. A mid-sized jungle world, it had a few concentrated cities, a subtle reputation, and a lot of big ideas. Its people were known for their most frivolous pursuit: Fashion.

Many of the colonies' celebrated actors, models, and public speakers were Virgons. Every world looked to Virgon for each season's trends, even in Caprica City. Virgons set the style.

Behind the glitz and the glamor, Virgons controlled or influenced far more than anyone suspected. They were said to have 'the eye', a sixth sense for opportunities, personalities, and motives. This wasn't some sacred gift. The Virgons were religious, but no fiercely. Many oracles came from Virgon, but so did many business moguls, city builders, artists, and soldiers. They claimed it was just healthy, sensible ambition. Have faith in yourself and your deeds, and the gods will provide for you.

Whatever the reason, Virgons were everywhere. Mostly out of the spotlight, their art graced small galleries on Caprica, their contracts crossed moderately influential desks on Picon and Scorpia, and their money filled respectably sized coffers on Libris. Virgons held some of the most underrated positions in the colonial military, often as gunners due to their keen vision and reflexes.

Outside fashion, Virgons' reputation is one of excellence without notoriety. Self-effacing, and respectful, most Virgons choose accomplishment over fanfare any day of the week.