Viper Mark II
Class or type: Space Superiority Fighter
Affiliation: Colonial Military
Length: 8.4 meters
Beam: ~4.7 meters
Draft: ~2.7 meters
Crew Manifest
Crew Compliment: 1 Pilot
Sub-Light Engines: 3 x rear-mounted sublight Tylium-based engines, assorted maneuvering thrusters
Missle Systems: Dorsal storage bay for missiles; weapon hardpoints for mounting missiles / munitions pods, etc. located under the wings
Kenetic Projectile Weapons: 2 x wing-mounted forward-firing kinetic energy weapons

The Viper Mark II is the second iteration of the venerable Viper space superiority fighter.

It served as the Colonial Fleet's primary space superiority fighter / attack craft during the First Cylon War, participating in engagements throughout the war right up to the very final battle.

It has since been superseded by the newer Viper Mark III and Viper Mark VII fighters. None were seen in defence of the Colonies during the attack; most were presumably retired and either scrapped or refurbished for display.

A squadron remained on the Battlestar Galactica for display purposes for its intended conversion into a museum; during the Fall, they were re-activated and defended the Galactica and its fleet during its four-year journey to Earth.

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