This is a Federated, Presidential System and Multi-Ethnocratic based planetary coalition government in the Battlestar Galactica universe. The Twelve Colonies spun around a single star on elliptical orbits. Closest to the sun was sweltering, volcanic Canceron, the greatest source of tylium in the system. Next came a Trojan orbit of planets --
Epic-map-of-battlestar-galactica-8217-s-12-colonies 1
three worlds following the same orbital path, separated by roughly the same distance (one-sixth the orbit's diameter). In order, these planets were Aquaria, Caprica, and Virgon. They were centers of art, culture, and system-wide trade.

Two gas giants followed, each in its own elliptical path and each itself orbited by a number of moons. The first of these behemoths was Zeus, named after the king of the gods, and its moons were Leonis, Picon, and Scorpia. Another large planet named Aerelon shared Zeus' orbit, positioned exactly opposite the giant. The second gas giant was Hera and her charges were Gemenon and Libris, with Sagittaron likewise spinning opposite. These giants and their moons were the heart of the system. This real estate was the most heavily contested during the colonies' many civil wars.

At the outermost edge of the system dwelled Tauron, followed by a third gas giant named Ragnar. Tauron was the first world settled after the fall of Kobol. It was the springboard for all expansion in the system.

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