Joseph is having ongoing troubles with Willie, who continues to be absent from school, and is angry to find him working at the Tauron club with Sam. Tamara now wanders around the V-world nightclub and discovers, after being shot by Vesta, that she cannot be killed.

Compelled to work in return for her 'freedom', Tamara is led by Heracles, a young gamer, to New Cap City, a virtual version of Caprica City, where violence and crime abound. Meanwhile, on a fishing trip, a clearly bored Willie loses control and assaults a boy with a rock who taunted him.

Daniel Graystone is faced with the realization that the very steps he took to salvage his public image may in turn cost him control of Graystone Industries. He declares Holoband technology no longer relevant and uses the Zoe-Cylon prototype, codenamed U-87, to convince the board that artificial sentience is the way of the future – in creating a servile, tireless, and unquestioning race of workers.

After infiltrating a bank vault, and learning from Vesta that she is dead in real life, Tamara persuades Heracles to log out and alert her father that she is still alive. He arrives at the Adama residence just as the surviving family and friends gather for a Tauron memorial service, and is chased down the street by a confused Joseph

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