After Amanda's revelation, the Graystones face the wrath of angered Capricans, culminating in Amanda's resignation from the hospital, and a violent altercation between Daniel and Samuel.

Lacy begins to be pressured by other students at school re. STO, and the Academy director, Clarice Willow, tries to learn more of the virtual Zoe as well. Daniel's assistant, Cyrus Xander, suggests hiring a well-known PR agent, to counteract the bad press effect on company share prices. Joseph's surviving son William wags school and as he feels more and more abandoned by his father.

He drifts further into the Ha'la'tha mafia milieu, encouraged by his uncle Sam. Meanwhile Agent Durham destroys a year-old video of a police interview with Ben, who was caught after curfew with bomb components in his schoolbag. He also leaks to the media how the Graystone residence is yet to be searched.

Later, Zoe discovers Tamara's avatar in a virtual holding area and releases her into the wider "V-world", which consists of both licensed and hacked sites. Joseph again attempts to contact Tamara's avatar, but Daniel insists she is 'gone'. Frustrated, Joseph tells his brother to 'even the score' with the Graystones –

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