Scorpia is one of the Twelve Colonies of Kobol. Scorpia is the third moon of
Zeus, a gas giant that also hosts Leonis and Picon. It used to be a small, cool world of dense woodlands and exotic plant life. Its population was always low, even for a moon its size, but what they lacked in numbers they made up for in cunning. The Scorpians were shrewd strategists, brokering deals with the right colonies at the right times. Somehow, they always come out ahead even when they double-crossed their allies. An early alliance with the Tauron secured critical military technology that kept them from suffering the same fate as Leonis during the colony wars. More crucial to their survival, however, was their pivotal role in the alliance between Picon and Caprica, which set the balance of power between the moons of Zeus for over a thousand years.

The ancient rivalry between Picon and Leonis was infamous, and it often spilled over into neighboring worlds. Scorpia was closest and in the early days it became the sandbox the bigger kids stomped in. Though

Scorpia flag

The Scorpia Flag.

Scorpia fought just enough to make a point, it wasn't really interested in a prolonged struggle. Fortunately, it didn't have to be. Through its strong ties with Tauron, Scorpia had influence at the heart of the system, Caprica. Its delegates convinced the colonial government that Leonis was responsible for a few key battles in which Capricans died and suddenly the Leonids were fighting three worlds at once. By the time the dust settled, Scorpia had already reached an arrangement with the other victors to establish the moons of Zeus as the home of the Colonial Fleet. Leonis would build the ships, Scorpia would house them, and Picon would administer the whole. So it remained until the Cylons returned.

Scorpians are often considered cold and calculating, and more than a few are. Still, their innate charisma and sense of humorous irony makes them entertaining and popular. Before the fall of the colonies, the Scorpians' wry wit catapulted many of them into the public eye as celebrity comedians. Their scathing novels and public speakers attracted attention system-wide. Those that stayed out of the limelight were - and are - no less influential.