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Saul Tigh
Saul-tigh l1
First appearance Mini series
Gender Male
Age 60s
Occupation Colonel, Final Five
Spouse Ellen Tigh
Portrayed by Michael Hogan
"I'll tell you the secret to avoid hangovers. Don't stop drinking."
—Saul on drinking.

Saul is a Cylon, one of the Final Five.

Early lifeEdit

Annihilation of MankindEdit

Occupation on New CapricaEdit

Saul was the leader of the resistance against the Cylons that occupied New Caprica. While he was held in one of the Cylon camps for questions and torture, one of the Cylons ripped out his right eye.

Post New CapricaEdit

After being saved from the operation on New Caprica, Saul tumbled into an angry, vengeful, drunken stupor. The fact that he killed his wife and the other acts he committed on New Caprica is to blame. Eventually, he manages to overcome these feelings and returns as the XO of the Galactica.

Final FiveEdit

It was revealed in the season 3 finale that Colonel Tigh was one of the final five Cylons. To say the least, he was not happy to find himself to be that which he had hated his whole life.