In the episode, Admiral Helena Cain and Commander William Adama call a truce but plan to assassinate each other. The humans destroy a Cylon fleet that includes a resurrection ship. Cain and Adama both cancel their plots, but Gina escapes from the Pegasus brig and kills Cain.

Part 1

Both Viper groups seek permission to fire, but neither Cain nor Adama grants it. The standoff is interrupted by Starbuck, who returns in the Blackbird with photos of the Cylon vessel. Cain and Adama call off their attacks and agree to meet on Colonial One as neutral ground. President Laura Roslin mediates an uneasy truce: the resolution of Helo and Tyrol's fate will be delayed until after the attack on the Cylon fleet. Later, Roslin warns Adama privately that Cain will strike against Adama again and urges him to assassinate Cain first. Adama demurs.

Impressed by what she calls Starbuck's "guts and initiative", Cain promotes her to Captain and appoints her Pegasus CAG. Starbuck persuades Cain to reinstate Apollo's flight status. Cain also promises Starbuck she will lead the fleet back to Caprica, destroy the Cylons, and rescue the survivors.

Doctor Cottle says Sharon will be all right. Adama apologizes to Sharon and orders her returned to her cell.

In Gina's cell, Cain abuses the Cylon prisoner. Gina begs Gaius Baltar to kill her. She tells him that the Cylon vessel is a "resurrection ship", where Cylons are downloaded into new bodies; if it is destroyed Gina can die permanently. Cain resolves to destroy the ship, believing mortality will deter the Cylon pursuit.

Colonel  Jack Fisk tells Colonel Saul Tigh that Pegasus encountered a small civilian fleet. Cain ordered it stripped for parts, conscripted some civilian personnel, executed the families of any who resisted, and abandoned the rest in space. Realizing that Roslin is right about Cain, Adama orders Starbuck to assassinate Cain once the attack on the Cylon fleet concludes. Likewise, Cain directs Fisk to take a detachment of Marines to Galactica to kill Adama after the attack.

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