It is now one month since the bombing, and Zoe is having problems distinguishing her real self from her virtual self. Lacy is approached by Sister Clarice Willow, the head of Zoe and Lacy's school, the Athena Academy, and also a member of the STO cult, who takes a special interest in her. Joseph struggles to connect to his son William, who begins spending time more with his uncle Samuel.

Still haunted by Tamara's avatar, Joseph attempts to contact Daniel again. Daniel, resigning himself to the loss of Zoe, turns his attention back to the mass-production order, and has the prototype moved to his home lab. While it is clear to him that the original Zoe-Cylon prototype exceeds the intelligence specs needed, it also exhibits erratic behavior. Meanwhile Amanda finally discovers from Agent Durham that her daughter had a secret boyfriend. At the terror memorial service, she learns more of the secret one-year relationship, and is given some of her daughter's effects (by Ben's mother) and finds an infinity symbol, which links Zoe to the STO.

She finally concedes that Zoe must have been involved with the STO, and makes an emotional public statement to that effect.

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