Ragnar Anchorage

Ragnar Anchorage was a colonial munition depot which orbited in the upper atmosphere of Ragnar. It also distilled hydrocarbons, to be used as a refuelling station.[1]

History Edit

During the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, the recently-decommissioned and unarmed Battlestar Galactica jumped to Ragnar Anchorage to rearm so it could join the losing fight against the Cylons. The choice of Ragnar Anchorage came from Colonel Saul Tigh, who saw its remote position as a place the Cylons would not be. As the deck hands collected munitions and several Class D warheads, they discovered a man named Leoben Conoy, who claimed to be a arms dealer. Galactica's CO, Commander William Adama, deduced he was in fact a Cylon agent while on the station with him, and that Conoy's visible fatigue was due to his Cylon anatomy being susceptible to a particular radiation from the planet. Galactica then abandoned the station with another Cylon on it, a Number Five; he was rescued by a Cylon force following the Battle of Ragnar before the radiation had time to kill him.[2]

Sources Edit

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