Picon flag

The Picon Flag.

Picon is one of the twelve colonies of Kobol. In the twilight of the Twelve Colonies, Picon was the colonial military hub. Caprica was the center of the politics and the home to the brass. Still, when they needed ships, they called Picon to make them. True, Picon would hire the Leonids to actually build the ships, and people from all over the colonies would staff them, but Picon ran the show.

Picon's military muscle dated back to the civil wars and its bitter rivalries with Leonis and Scorpia. Three moons full of military-minded tribes orbiting the same gas giant - sparks were bound to fly. At first, it looked as if Leonis would have the upper hand, controlling the largest stockpile of uranium. Then, it ran out, leveling the playing field. The fighting heated up then, and it looked like Picon and Leonis would beat each other senseless with Scorpia goading them along. That is, until Scorpia revealed its masterstroke: an alliance between Picon and Caprica.

After that, the fighting was pretty much academic. Leonis was doomed to play the slightest role among the moons of Zeus, and its place in the colonies suffered as well. Picon absorbed much of Leonid culture and many of its people. The only place where the rivalry between Leonis and Picon remained was on the Pyramid court. There, Leonis showed its teeth every season. More often than not, they claimed victory.

Picon thrived. Its alliance with Caprica and Scorpia made it the centerpiece of the colonial military. Ultimately, Picons were happy to leave the politics to others, so long as control of the military stayed with them.

Picon has always emphasized strong leadership and military professionalism. They are excellent Fleet officers, pilots, and marines. That's where they're most comfortable. Having sailed the wide oceans covering most of Picon's surface since the colony's inception, they are no-nonsense, traditional, naval sons and daughters. Picon steadiness and tradition cannot be matched.

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