Pan Galactic was a spaceline operating in the Twelve Colonies before the Cylon attack.

Since these ships are completely without defenses, many ships like this Pan Galactic spaceliner were destroyed during the attacks[1].

At least one FTL-capable Pan Galactic spaceliner, named the Caprica Clipper, survived the attack and united with the Fleet. This liner is the last civilian ship to make its escape jump in the Battle of Ragnar Anchorage (Miniseries).

After the settlement of New Caprica, it was among the ships that chose to set down on the planet's surface. It was later held by the Cylons during the Occupation, and is among the first to escape the surface during the liberation by Galactica, by performing an intra-atmospheric jump (Exodus, Part II).

After offloading its passengers on Galactica, the Pan Galactic liner was later shepherded through the The Passage and arrived at the algae planet on the fifth and final jump (The Passage).

The vessel would later be destroyed when it was sent into Earth's sun with the rest the fleet (Daybreak, Part II).

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