Orion Class Battlestar

The Orion Class Battlestar was a class of Battlestar used by the Colonial Fleet. It was developed and launched either before or during the First Cylon War. Nicknamed a 'pocket battlestar', the Orion class was much smaller than most battlestars, being unable to handle an extended direct engagement with another capital ship; it is shown as serving mainly as a light espionage or reconnaisance ship.

All ships of this class were presumably either destroyed in action or decommissioned prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies; none are seen in defense of the Colonies during the Fall.

Characteristics Edit

Crew Edit

Being one of the smallest battlestars ever designed, the Orion-class only needed a crew of 150 (not including any pilots) to operate. This is evidenced by its onboard design; its crew compartments are extremely cramped, being more akin to a submarine than a battlestar.

Propulsion Edit

Ships of this class have 2 main rearwards-facing sub-light engines attached to pods mounted on the stern of the ship, one on the port and starboard sides respectively, as well as having numerous maneuvering thrusters scattered throughout the length of the ship. Ships of this class do have FTL drives, allowing for faster-than light travel; it is unknown how many drives are installed, however (for instance, the Galactica class has two in sync).

Computer Systems Edit

Very little is known about the systems of the Orion-class. It is presumed that like other First Cylon War era ships, its computer systems were extremely simple and non-networked to allow it to better resist Cylon infiltration. Still, some advanced technology is seen - holobands are seen in use as tools to allow for 3D mission briefings.

Armament Edit

The Orion-class features some of the lightest armament seen on any battlestar; its armament is more akin to that of a destroyer or frigate than a true battleship. Several light turrets are seen scattered throughout the length of the ship, along with CIWS turrets to defend against incoming ordinance; it is unknown of ships of this class posses the heavy railguns seen on the Galactica and Mercury class ships. Ships of this class were also capable of launching missiles, both regular and nuclear; their exact capacity is unknown.

Fighter Complement Edit

The Orion-class is capable of supporting a small complement of Viper space superiority fighters, presumably up to a squadron, as well as being able to carry several Raptor multipurpose craft. Whether it is capable of supporting these small craft for long-term deployments or only for a brief period of time for short missions is unknown.

Notable Ships Edit

Battlestar Osiris Edit

The Battlestar Osiris participated in the Ghost Fleet Offensive, a covert military strike force made up of presumed-destroyed ships secretly assembled to perform strikes behind enemy lines. It was destroyed during the Battle of Djerba after a prolonged engagement with a Cylon Baseship after managing to successfully launch its Raptor payload and ensure its safe delivery to the planet's surface with its crew and passengers.