Number Two (Leoben Conoy)

Leoben first appears as a smuggler at the munitions depot at Ragnar Anchorage, where he was exposed as a Cylon in the mini-series. The Leoben model Cylons are known for their religious zealotry, which is intertwined with a pathological, and sometimes sexual, obsession with Starbuck. He was revealed to be the second model in the episode "Six of One".

Like his fellow Cylons, the Leoben models are skilled at deception and deceit. This was most notably seen when he manipulated Starbuck into thinking that a young girl he had kidnapped on New Caprica was her biological daughter. The Leoben models are known for their cunning minds and ability to find and exploit the weaknesses of others. As such, they are known to mix truth with their lies in order to better manipulate their victims. Unlike his fellows, he appears to have the ability of prescience and has on several occasions prophesied future events.

Number Twos are played by Callum Keith Rennie.