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"Miniseries, Night 1"
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"The Cylons were created by man."

"They where created to make life easier on the Twelve Colonies"

"And then the day came when the cylons decided to kill their masters."

"After a long bloody battle an armistice was declared."

This miniseries is the Reboot of Battlestar Galactica. It is the Introduction to the whole series and follows the sole servivors of the human race and last of their fleet Battlestar Galactica. It is broken up into two parts 1 and 2 . Within this introductive mini series we see the catastophic attack by Cylons, human created AI turned rogue, return after 40 years of absence. The attack is aimed to wipe Humans from existance. After a 40-year armistice in a war between the Twelve Colonies (the homeworlds populated by humans) and the Cylons (human-created robots), the Cylons launch a surprise nuclear attack intended to exterminate the human race. Virtually all of the population of the Twelve Colonies are wiped out. Most of the Colonial military is either rendered ineffective or destroyed due to malware in the military computer network, which rendered it vulnerable to cyber attack.

The Cylon infiltrator programmed backdoors into the CNP so that the Cylon attack forces could render any ships that use the operating system to shut itself down by a remote command.

Battlestars and fighters begin to shut down during the Colonial defensive "as if a switch were flipped."[3] Communications officer Dualla describes reports of "system failures" throughout the Fleet and how at least one battlestar loses power when the attack begins, which indicates, that the Cylons use the Command Navigation Program,CNP to damage and, in at least one case, disable capital ships as wel

The malware was introduced by Number Six, a Cylon in the form of a human woman, who seduced the famous scientist Dr. Gaius Baltar and exploited their relationship to gain access codes under the cover of an insider contract bid.

The Battlestar Galactica, a space battleship that fought in the earlier war, is being converted to a museum when the attack occurs. Because its older computer systems are not networked, the warship is not affected by the sabotage. Its commander, William Adama, assumes command of the few remaining elements of the human fleet. He heads for Ragnar Anchorage, a military armory station where Galactica can resupply itself with weaponry and essential supplies.

Caprica under bombardment during the Cylon attack.

Secretary of Education Laura Roslin is sworn in as President of the Twelve Colonies after it is confirmed that the President and most of the government have been killed (Roslin is 43rd in line of succession). The cabinet department starship carrying her (Colonial One) manages to assemble a group of surviving human ships.

When a Colonial Raptor from Galactica lands briefly for repairs on the Twelve Colonies' capital world of Caprica, the two-person crew, Sharon Valerii (callsign "Boomer") and Karl Agathon ("Helo"), choose a small group of survivors to evacuate. Helo decides to remain on the stricken planet, giving up his seat to evacuate Baltar, who he recognizes for his pseudo-celebrity status as a scientific genius.

Although Roslin hopes to transfer all the surviving refugees to ships capable of interstellar travel, the Cylons quickly locate and attack the surviving ships Within this first half we are introduced to main characters as they prepare for the decommission of the battlestar, it was to be turned into a musem until the Cylon attack on Caprica is carried out. A bit of the Battlestars history is filled in and back storry is frequenlty mentioned for plot support so we aren't left wondering about a few things.


  • Story By:
Teleplay By:
  • Directed by: Michael Rymer

Guest starsEdit

Webisodes (2006–2009)Edit

The Resistance:

The Cylons' occupation of New Caprica results in the formation of a human resistance movement determined to undermine the Cylons' attempt to assimilate the remainder of humanity. 

Razor Flashbacks:

During the later stages of the First Cylon War, a young Lt. William Adama discovers, by chance, an abandoned lab where the Cylons conducted gruesome experiments with live human subjects

The Face of the Enemy:

Nine days after finding Earth, Lt. Gaeta is onboard a Raptor with several of Galactica's crew and Cylon Eights en route to the Zephyr when a Cylon threat forces the fleet to jump. During the chaos, the Raptor is separated from rest of the fleet and while waiting for a rescue, the passengers and crew mysteriously begin to die off one by one

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