As public outrage keeps mounting, Daniel is finally persuaded to appear on the late-night television show Backtalk with Baxter Sarno and tell his side of the story. Agent Duram finally obtains permission to search both Zoe's former school and the Graystone residence, hoping to uncover evidence regarding the recent and possible future STO-motivated attacks.

Clarice passes an e-sheet warning to STO members just in time for student Keon Gatwick to remove bomb materials from his locker. Frustrated by their lack of success, the detectives then turn their attention to examining electronic messages. Meanwhile Daniel succeeds in reclaiming a measure of sympathy on TV, particularly when Amanda suddenly appears onstage, and they agree that the 'moral vacuum' of holotechnology probably allowed STO to recruit vulnerable people like Zoe.

Daniel then promises his company will not profit from the lucrative but much maligned Holoband licensing anymore, and that they will also setup a charitable fund. Joseph, in spite of his mother-in-law Ruth's wishes, relents and manages to call off the blood-feud hit on Amanda. Later Lacy Rand tries to get help from Keon's STO cell to smuggle Zoe in her Cylon form to Gemenon.

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