In a 20 hour flash forward, U-87 is driving a stolen van with police choppers in pursuit. Earlier, it is revealed that Daniel's financial troubles are worsening, and he must sell the Buccaneers. Worse still, the army also knows the chip was stolen, and have given him only a week to finish the project.

The powerplay between Clarice and Barnabas also heats up, as both jostle for local STO dominance. Daniel orders the chip irradiated and Philo reluctantly undertakes his orders, but just as he does Zoe reveals herself to him and when he panics is forced to kill him, she then steals a van and speeds away.

On V-world, a fixated Joseph finally finds his daughter's avatar with the help of Emmanuelle (revealed as his assistant Evelyn). But Tamara shoots herself, and then her father, so that he can't come back to New Cap City, and is finally forced to come to terms with her death. Lacy tries to push the shipment forward, and discovers that Barnabas is about to detonate a bomb (that she help plant) in Clarice's car. Clarice, on her way to the terminal, is caught in traffic at the Pantheon Bridge. She then spots Amanda, clearly shocked by Daniel's complicity in the murders, preparing to jump. She leaves the car, just as the bomb detonates, and Amanda steps off. U-87 approaches a heavily armed roadblock, and Zoe slams through it, destroying the Cylon.

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