Defiance is the name of a Charybdis class Dreadstar, and the title warship in my fanfic novel (work in progress) on Fan Fiction, about other Colonial survivors having escaped the destruction of the Colonies and who are looking for a new homeworld or other remnants of humankind to join with.

The Commander of Defiance is Valeria Novaska, a Virgon. She is nearly fifty and has an addiction to a certain high-caffiene drink called "Green Tyger". Her estranged husband, known only as "Jojo" was killed in the Cylon onslaught. She has no children, having been so consumed by her career that she simply... forgot.

Defiance carries two Viper squadrons, the Snakes, and the Long Knives, plus a Raptor squadron, the Puking Daggits.

more to follow...

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