Caprica flag

The Caprica Flag.

Caprica is one of the twelve colonies of Kobol. Central in the Trojan orbit, Caprica used to be a beautiful blue-green world with the perfect climate. The colony had rolling hills, pleasant lakes, and deep forests. The cities were heavily populated, but it never seemed that way. Glittering silver towers spiked through bustling open air markets and plazas. Parks, rivers, and waterfalls were everywhere. So comfortable were Caprica's cities that people rarely paid attention to the steady lines of vehicles streaking past overhead.

Caprica was also the center of government, education and culture. Its capital of Delphi housed all three branches of government and hosted the biggest corporations and universities in the system. The city had replicas of the Forum, Temple, and Opera House trying to replace the originals left behind on Kobol. The Museum of the Colonies displayed many original artifacts from the lost home world.

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Caprica is an Earth-like planet settled by the Capricorn tribe of Kobol. Caprica is in the Helios Alpha star system, and has a twin planet called Gemenon that is only 493,000 kilometres (306,336.0 mi) away. The twin planets share a mutual orbit where each planet trades places with the other every 28.2 days. Caprica also shares its star system with Picon and Tauron.[2] It is known throughout the Four Systems as the "Capital of the Colonies"[1]

Caprica City was both a planetary and later a federal capital of the Twelve Colonies after the "Articles of Colonization" were signed soon after the First Cylon War started.[8] The city replaced the previous Colonial Capital, Boskirk on Virgon. As depicted in both the original and re-imagined television series it was a very large city, with a population over seven million.[9] It was also extremely beautiful, with many graceful skyscrapers, and is located on the shores of a large ocean or sea. As a result, Caprica became the cultural, scientific, and technological capital of the Colonies, and was regarded as the first planet of the colonies. The city has two business districts: a highly futuristic one with glittering metal skyscrapers where transportation is by hovercar, called the City Center; and a less futuristic district called the Government Center Plaza, with transportation in cars just like those on Earth. It has a large open space called Orpheus Park and the Caprica Buccaneers play at Atlas Arena. The city was completely destroyed by the Cylons in the Destruction of the Twelve Colonies and then rebuilt by the Cylons. In Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, the effects of the Cylon nuclear attack on Caprica City are briefly seen.

Before the nukes fell, it seemed like half the colonists came to Caprica to visit the heart of colonial faith, business and law. Every year, the planet's spaceports grew and its cities expanded. While many visited, only the best and the brightest stayed. You had to be good to survive there. When you did though, life was worth living. Many claim that Capricans grew decadent, but its inhabitants were too comfortable to listen. They stretched out on sandy beaches, sailed clear blue seas, and enjoyed privileged and sheltered lives. Professionally, they raced around, making laws and money, rarely thinking beyond their atmosphere. Many Capricans have a hard time in the Fleet. Their specialized skills don't mean that much anymore and their former status tends to get them into trouble. A few, like Kara Thrace, are exceptions. These people came from the other Caprica, where the colonial military elite made its home. Several of Caprica's spaceports were exclusive to the fleet, and Caprica City's Government Center Plaza housed the Colonial Defense Mainframe and Baltar's Command Navigation Program. Unfortunately, the Cylons exploited these resources.