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"Admiral Nagala's dead. The Battlestar Atlantia's been destroyed. So's the Triton, the Solaria, the Columbia…the list goes on."
—Commander William Adama during the Fall of the Twelve Colonies[src]

The Triton was a Battlestar in service to the Colonial Fleet following the Cylon War. When the Cylons attacked the Twelve Colonies forty years after the end of the Cylon War, the Triton engaged enemy forces after the first wave of the offensive resulted in the destruction of Picon Fleet Headquarters and the destruction of a quarter of the Fleet. The Triton was subsequently destroyed by Cylon forces.

During its time in the Fleet, it was commanded at some point by Commander James Jonasson, and former crew members included Lieutenant Alex "Crashdown" Quartararo, and Junior Lieutenant Kara "Starbuck" Thrace.


The Triton was a Battlestar,[1] one of around one hundred and twenty that served in the Colonial Fleet,[2] and was suited for both offensive and defensive actions. The vessel carried an assortment of Viper fighter craft and Raptor support vessels.[3]


The Triton served in the Colonial Fleet following the Cylon War,[2] and was assigned to Battlestar Group 39,[1] which was part of the Aerilon Combat 5th Division. At some point, Commander James Jonasson was the commanding officer of the Triton. During his tenure as commanding officer, Junior Lieutenant Kara Thrace served aboard the vessel as a Viper pilot. Jonasson filed disciplinary charges against her.[4]

The Triton was still in service during the events surrounding the Fall of the Twelve Colonies.[2] Lieutenant Alex Quartararo, an Electronic Countermeasures Officer and qualified Raptor pilot, was part of the crew at the time.[1] After the destruction of Picon Fleet Headquarters in the first wave of the Cylon offensive, Admiral Nagala took personal command of the Fleet aboard the Battlestar Atlantia. During the subsequent engagement, the Triton, along with the Atlantia, Columbia and Solaria, were destroyed by Cylon forces.[2] Quartararo survived the destruction of the Battlestar, and later joined up with the civilian fleet guarded by the Battlestar Galactica as it fled the destruction of the Twelve Colonies.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Triton was first mentioned in the television miniseries that aired in 2003 when Commander William Adama lists the names of several Battlestars that had been destroyed in the Cylon offensive. The Triton was later mentioned in the first episode of the first season, entitled 33 when Lieutenant Sharon Valerii notes that Alex Quartararo, her new Electronic Countermeasures Officer, was a "refugee from Triton". Quartararo's flight suit also included a patch for the Battlestar Triton on its upper left arm. The Triton was later referenced in the episode The Son Also Rises; while viewing Kara Thrace's personnel file, a record of a disciplinary hearing noted that she was serving on the Triton at the time of the incident.

The Triton references the Battlestar Triton, one of the ships named in the pilot of the original series that was destroyed during the Battle of Cimtar.


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