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This is a timeline of all the events in the history of humanity and Cylons.


  • During the First Cylon War, Galactica was built to represent the Caprica colony.
  • During the First Cylon War, Galactica along with the Columbia and one other unnamed Battlestar tooks part in Operation Raptor Talon; where the Columbia is destroyed with all hand.
  • Many years after the war, Galactica was one of the oldest ships in the fleet, and was scheduled to be decommissioned and turned into a museum. Various conversions were taking place and most of her onboard squadrons were removed.
  • During the decommissioning ceremony, the cylon attacks on the colonies began. After a battle, including many direct strikes, Galactica successfully jumped away to the Ragnar Anchorage depot.
  • Galactica then leads and defends a small fleet of civilian ships on the search for resources and a new place to settle.

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