There had been at least two Battlestars named Columbia in the new Battlestar Galactica series.

Cylon War Edit

The first Columbia is a Galactica-type Battlestar construction during the Cylon War.

During the twelfth and final year of the Cylon War, Columbia had been assigned to Operation Raptor Talon along with Galactica and one other unnamed Galactica-type Battlestar. The three Battlestars attempt an assault against Cylon forces in orbit over a unnamed ice planet.

During the battle, Columbia's mid-ship defense fails and it is targeted by Cylon forces. Despite attempts by Colonial Vipers, including those from Columbia's sister-ship Galactica, to fend off Cylon raiders, Columbia is on fire and heavily damage to it top mid-section. Shortly there after the Columbia is destroyed those someone has enough time to send out a warning for the pilots to clear its airspace before an explosion tears through its hull sending it into the atmosphere of the planet below. Screams of crew members can be heard briefly as the explosion ripped through the ship.

Columbia is the last known ship lost during the Cylon War, with the Cylons signing the Peace Accord shortly after the ship is destroyed.

The Columbia overall resembles other Galactica-type Battlestar during the war, with extra hull plating covering its ribbing and the Colonial seal and hull number printed on the side of the "alligator head" forward section. However, it is finished with blue paint rather than red as seen on the Galactica's hull. It also lack the extra/addition guns of the Galactica seen previous in the war.

Post-Cylon War Edit

Following the Armistice and destruction of the first Columbia, a second Columbia is construction. Very little is known about this Battlestar but is it mentioned destroyed in the Miniseries along with the Battlestars Triton and Solaria.

William Adama served aboard the Columbia as it executive officer, X.O. after his reinstatement in the Colonial Fleet and prior to being giving command of the Battlestar Valkyrie.

Notes Edit

1-Columbia is also mentioned being a Battlestar in the Original Series.

2-Many fan believe that Galactica in both the original series and the new series that Columbia is the lead ship of the Columbia-class Battlestar/aka Galactica-type Battlestar. However there is no canon evidence to support this.

3-Columbia is a derivation of the name of fifteenth century Genoan explorer Christopher Columbus.They had been eight USS Columbia which had serviced in the United States Navy.

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