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A Battlestar was the main military starship deployed by the Colonial Fleet of the Twelve Colonies. The Fleet operated around one hundred and twenty Battlestars of various classes, divided into Battlestar Groups. A battleship and carrier hybrid, the Battlestar was a ship to be reckoned with. Vipers, the fighters that a Battlestar carries, are small, one-man ships that generally have 2 to 3 small guns on them, plus missile hardpoints. These ship are fast, and they can be used to defend the mother ship or carry out offensive strike missions to enemy forces. The other armament a Battlestar has is in the form of railguns; heavy cannons capable of firing incendiary shells or explosive shells. Both are used against enemy capital ships. Other weapons a Battlestar carries include point-defense weapons, and nuclear missiles.


List of BattlestarsEdit

List of CommandersEdit

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