Battlestars Defending Colonies (Razor)

A Battlestar is the main military starship used by the Colonial Fleet of the Twelve Colonies. At the time of the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, the Colonial Fleet operated around one hundred and twenty Battlestars of various classes, divided into several Battlestar Groups.


Battlestars are armed with a considerable amount of railguns scattered throughout the ship, each capable of firing large incendiary or explosive shells at any given target; usually enemy vessels. Battlestars also carry CIWS point-defense weapons scattered throughout the ship to defend themselves against incoming ordinance, as well as a large array of both regular (explosive) and nuclear-tipped missiles for launch at an enemy target, ground or space based.

Battlestars also serve as fighter carriers. They carry Vipers, small and maneuverable one-man space superiority fighters designed for dogfights, as well as Raptors, larger multipurpose craft that can serve either as missile carriers, transport craft or electronic warfare platforms.

Battlestar Classes Edit

Galactica Class Edit

The first Battlestar class ever designed, these were designed and constructed during the First Cylon War. Several were destroyed during the war; the rest were being retired from active service slowly at the time of the Fall, presumably either to be scrapped or converted into museums. They lack the advanced computer technology and networking of more modern battlestars for fear of Cylon infiltration during the First Cylon War; due to this resistance to infiltration, one ship was able to escape the Fall of the Colonies and went on to lead a group of survivors to Earth.

Mercury Class Edit

Arguably the most powerful warships ever operated by the Colonial Fleet, the Mercury Class is the largest class of Battlestar seen to be operated by the Colonial Fleet, featuring an impressive airwing and armament capability. Like most military assets before the fall, the Mercury class was designed to rely heavily on advanced automated systems and networking.

Valkyrie Class Edit

A smaller class of Battlestar debuted during the First Cylon War, these ships are shown to be used primarily as light strike and espionage vessels, with one having taken part in an unsuccessful espionage mission in Cylon territory a year before the Fall. Several are shown defending the Colonies during the Fall; they are quickly shut down and destroyed due to the CNP backdoor.

Orion Class Edit

The smallest class of Battlestar ever shown in the RDM universe (during the Blood and Chrome miniseries) the Osiris Class of Battlestar is said to be a 'pocket battlestar'. It is designed as a stealth battlestar able to perform covert missions behind enemy lines without detection; however, its armament is incapable of withstanding an engagement with an enemy capital ship.

Notable BattlestarsEdit