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For the Original Series ship, see Atlantia (TOS).

Atlantia was a Battlestar serving in the Colonial Fleet following the Cylon War. When the Cylons launched their surprise attack against the Twelve Colonies, the Atlantia survived the initial assault. With the destruction of Picon Fleet Headquarters, Admiral Nagala took personal command of the Fleet, basing himself on the Atlantia. During a subsequent engagement, the Atlantia was destroyed by Cylon forces.


Prior to the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, Galen Tyrol served as a deck-hand aboard Atlantia.[3] William Adama also served on the Battlestar Atlantia as a Major, where he had an ongoing feud with that ship's landing signal officer that inspired a celebration of his thousandth landing.[citation needed]

In the events of the miniseries, after the destruction of Colonial Fleet Headquarters on Picon in the first wave of the Cylon attack, Admiral Nagala takes command of the fleet from the Atlantia. Atlantia is one of the first Battlestars to engage the Cylons after the attack. The Atlantia is newer and more advanced than the Galactica, and has an integrated computer network running Doctor Gaius Baltar's Command Navigation Program, which allows the Cylons to infiltrate the system and cripple the vessel. As a result, Atlantia is easily destroyed by the Cylons over the planet Virgon.[4]


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